Times Like Dying

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Facing the loss of their family farm in post-Civil War South, Percy Dixon and his brothers are stuck with no good options after robbing a bank to save their livelihood. Exhausted and on the run, the Dixon clan unwittingly finds their only safe haven at the small farmhouse of a sickly U.S. Marshal. Over the course of the night, the truth of their actions is discovered while greed, lust and malice squander any chance of a clean getaway. Surviving the night suddenly begins to outweigh saving the farm when they realize time is just like dying.

The film has over 800,000 views on Youtube as of January 2017.

You can also watch online at:  Amazon Prime | Vimeo

Trailer Music: “A Wolf – Instrumental” by The Soldier Story - thesoldierstorymusic.com/

a Circle Street Motion Pictures and Lighthouse Film Company production - lighthousefilms.com

Executive Producer: Ethel Reynolds
Producer/Writer/Actor: Anthony Reynolds
Producer/Writer: Shon Blotzer
Director/Writer/Editor: Evan Vetter
Director of Photography: Brad Walker
Editor/Sound Editor: Jesse Andrus
Art Director: Jennifer Singletary
Costume Designer: Keith Taylor
Sound Mixer: John Skoglund
Visual Effects: Jesse Bond
Gaffer: Jon Ladd