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Posted on Jan 23, 2013 In Daylight Come

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you about our progress on the film – so here’s the latest!


Throughout the fall/winter of 2012 Evan Vetter the director of the film has been working with our Producer Shon Blotzer and writer JR Jones to complete the editing portion of the film so we can get to picture lock.


Picture lock is a stage in editing a film or editing a television production. It is the stage prior to on-line editing when all changes…

After the sixth cut of the film we were feeling very confident that we were almost there.  We began submitting the unfinished film to several festivals 1) in an effort to keep the train moving and help us finish the film and 2) we were hoping to test the waters feeling like we had a good product on our hands.


Submitting the unfinished film was a great learning experience.  We didn’t get in anywhere and that was probably the best thing that could have happened.  It made us back up from the film, even taking some time away from it, to examine what we might be able to make better.  What we came away with was more than a facelift – we’re actually in the process of completely recutting the first 20 minutes of the project in an effort to tighten up the story and setup the remaining two acts of the film that turned out better than we could have dreamed.

All this to say… the film isn’t yet finished – but it’s actually being made better as Evan and his team work to finish their re-working of the films first act this Spring.  Then we will “Picture Lock” and post will enter it’s final phase of getting it’s score, sound mixing and archival opening sequence.

The summer is looking pretty bright right now – tune back in for more as we get closer to completion!

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